5 Best Outdoor Fire Pits 2022

Everyone wants to spend a few hours in their backyard to unwind and relax from their busy schedule. However, during chilly evenings, you have no other option but to rush inside for maximum warmth. Therefore, you might want to consider buying an outdoor fire pit for your front lawn or backyard. 

Fire pits are a perfect outdoor element to level up the aesthetics of your backyard. The outdoor fire element can add a unique, aesthetically pleasing focal point in your backyard while keeping you warm and cozy. 

Fire pits can transform any outdoor space - whether backyard or patio - into a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. If you have a tiny backyard or narrow patio area, a small fire pit would be a great addition to your outdoor space. 

If you have a large, luxurious backyard, choosing custom made fire pits can do wonders! Most outdoor fire pits, especially the modern ones, are quite versatile.

If you plan to buy an outdoor fire pit for your backyard or patio but are confused about which one to choose, continue reading. 

5 Best Outdoor Fire Pits to Buy in 2022

1. Rectangular Fire Pits

Some residential properties have narrow patios or backyards. Such space constraints restrict homeowners to try and test new outdoor elements. Homeowners also have to compromise with the décor or leave the area blank with no decorative pieces. 

Besides, having a narrow backyard or patio means you cannot organize frequent or bigger family gatherings or BBQs with friends. A rectangle fire pit is ideal for a narrow backyard or patio and can immediately act as a focal point for your outdoor space.

Unlike standard shape circle fire pits, rectangle fire pits provide you with additional roomy space and can accommodate more than ten people. 

2. Hexagonal Fire Pits

Hexagonal fire pits have become aesthetic and functional staple elements for any outdoor space. The uniquely shaped fire pit is designed to offer your outdoor space a contemporary look and timeless classic appeal to your garden furniture. 

With a metal hexagon fire pit, you will be accompanied by warmth in cold winters or even late autumns. The 6-sided outline of this fire pit can serve an aesthetic purpose, while the sturdy pedestal base offers unmatched balance and stability. 

Since hexagonal fire pits have a grid side cover, you can rest assured about getting enough heat to offer you warmth and comfort. Most hexagonal fire pits are lightweight, meaning you can move them around your garden, front yard, back yard, poolside, or any outdoor space.

The uniquely shaped outdoor fire element is perfect for practical and aesthetic purposes.

3. Sphere Fire Pits

Sphere fire pits make a perfect centerpiece for any outdoor space, be it the backyard or patio. When ignited with fire, the beautiful design of the sphere fire pit will leap to life, and the dancing flames will entice your guest over. 

Most sphere fire pits in Australia are available in natural rust finish to offer you a natural and classic appeal. Our sphere fire pits are fully functioning fire elements and make a unique handcrafted piece of art for any backyard.

4. Square Fire Pits

Want to enjoy a cool evening but at the comfort of warmth? Square fire pits are a perfect way to get the best of both worlds. The square-shaped fire element is a comfortable source of heat for cool evenings.

Square fire pits create a beautiful and fascinating atmosphere for any evening party or even campfire. On a hot summer day, this fire element can be transformed into an ice pit!

5. BBQ Fire Pits

Host BBQs with your family and friends with stylish and practical BBQ fire pits. Apart from offering ample amounts of heat, the size and aesthetic appeal of fire pits can make a great place to organize family gatherings or host BBQ parties with friends.

The best part? You can find BBQ fire pits in various price ranges and styles - from custom fire pits to propane-powered.

Take a look at our latest collection of fire pits with various styles and designs, made to elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Get ready to fire away 2022!